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Social Responsibility

Based on the concept of "Babyology" , the word that best describes our fields of activity, 2015 we launched the "Babyology" conference. Babyology, "understanding and describing the baby science". With the Babyology Conference, one of the events we have realized with maternal compassion and expert knowledge, we bring together experts in the field with our participants, and we encourage all parents and their babies more effective relationships with their babies, as well as the way they will follow in raising their babies. map, enabling them to take steps towards a better future.
Expectant mothers and a guiding experience for mothers, we have been organizing our Bebekoloji events since 2015. Since then, we have been offline in 30 cities and touched 13,552 babies with information . Online we organized our Bebekoloji event on 22 different topics and met with 700 parents. We're here.

One of our most meaningful mottoes is "One Drop, One Thousand Benefits!".
Not even a drop of breast milk we know it's a miracle for babies.
Various projects to raise awareness of mothers on this issue we are running

Since 2020, as part of the First 1000 Days of Infant Nutrition:

- 14 Nutrition Camp in Pregnancy,
- 55 Breastfeeding Readiness Camp,
- 15 Supplementary Food Transition Camp,
- 13 Mother/Baby Nutrition Camp on Food Allergies
With our team of 61 people, we provide breastfeeding counseling to breastfeeding mothers.

We advocate the slogan "Play is Bonding" and try to convey the importance of bonding through play to our parents. we continue.

Since 2021;
- We organized 16 Babyology Play Camps.
- We met 700 parents in the camps.
- Free, one-to-one and live counseling to nearly 1500 parents through our volunteers we provided.
- We supported 58 babyologists to become Toy Specialists.

With our 33-member Play Ambassadors Team, we are working on toilet training, language development, secure attachment and self-confidence. We enthusiastically continue to provide game consultancy on a wide range of topics such as support.

In this direction, as ebebek; for our babies and their mothers who deserve the most delicate and special of everything continuously improve ourselves and come together with our parents from all over Turkey. we keep coming and touching them!

Support for Young People with Cerebral Palsy (Steptember)

By providing diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education services to children and adults with Cerebral Palsy, to carry out the necessary activities and efforts to ensure that they have a profession and are brought into life, children and their families can meet their own needs and become more involved in social life Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey, which was established to strive for them to become individuals. is an annual event that contributes to the education and rehabilitation of children and young people with CP and takes place every September. As ebebek, we also support the Steptember organization.

As ebebek, we are organizing an international social responsibility project, Steptember, every day in September. thousand steps, collecting donations for young people with CP from our environment and raising awareness in the society on this issue. We are making efforts to increase.

Working with Young People with Down Syndrome

Discrimination and discrimination faced by individuals with Down Syndrome at every age and location from infancy to fight for equality of opportunity and to consolidate their indispensable place in society In the project we realized in cooperation with and with the support of the Down Syndrome Association, Since 2017, both in our center and in our stores, our young people with Down Syndrome is actively working.

Hello Life Packages with Down Syndrome Association

To enable individuals with Down syndrome to build an independent, productive and socially integrated life a non-governmental organization working to improve society's perception of disability Down Syndrome with our Hello to Life packages we prepared for the Down Syndrome Association. we meet the first needs of newborn babies. 0 - 12 months old child with Down syndrome Together with the Down Syndrome Association, we organized "Hayata Hayata" to congratulate families on the birth of their babies. Hello" packages.

MSGSU Textile and Fashion Department Students and
ebebek Collaboration

In cooperation with Mimar Sinan University Textile and Fashion Department students and ebebek With the project we realized, we have created a valuable social project thanks to the designs prepared by the students. responsibility work. We worked with 12 talented students for about 1 year various creations throughout the year, and as a result of our cooperation The 12 themes they drew came to life in baby clothes and were presented in a fashion show at Mimar Sinan University. opened to the public for exhibition.

As ebebek, we meet the various needs of the university and contribute to the education of our students. we have been. At the same time, by enabling young people to showcase their talents, it also supports the business world. We gave them the opportunity to experience more or less.