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Code of Eth ics

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics described here has been written by ebebek employees. These rules apply to all ebebek employees, members of the Board of Directors and shareholders ("ebebek members").

All ebebek members are obliged to comply with the "ebebek Code of Ethics".

- ebebek is a continuous learning organization.
- Our organization is lean, simple and strong.
- Our most valuable assets are our parents, our employees and our products.
- Kindness and grace in our behavior are important values for us.
- We work with a team spirit and care about providing fast and quality service.
- We never lie under any circumstances and we act with sincerity and honesty.
- Making mistakes improves our experience, but we don't accept repeating the same mistake and we don't
we prevent it.
- We make all our important business processes into procedures and apply them within the same framework.
- We care about our competitors of all sizes and value their contributions to our sector. Our competitors
we refrain from making negative comments about you.
- We base our decisions on realistic data. We care about statistics, we only care about what we can measure.
we believe we can improve.

- We determine our product range by taking into account the needs and demands of our parents, we offer a rich
- We are meticulous in choosing our products. Products we would not choose for our own babies,
on our shelves and on our website.
- We act with the effort to inform, not to sell.
- We position our stores taking into account the easy accessibility for our parents.
- We need to keep an eye on our costs and expenses so that our parents can shop at affordable prices.
We will.
- We listen to our parents' feedback with open ears, learn from them about our shortcomings, and work quickly.
we provide solutions.
- We try to understand the intense feelings of our parents towards their babies, and we try to understand their anxiety and
we respect their haste.
- We continue to provide our parents with outstanding service after the sale.

- Everyone in our organization is valuable to us. To all the individuals in our organization,
respect and love, regardless of rank and seniority.
- We evaluate the performance of our employees objectively, taking into account their efforts, dedication and achievements.
in the way we evaluate it. It takes into account competence in recruitment, promotion and appointments, and provides opportunities among employees.
- Everyone in our organization contributes and should contribute to our success. We encourage our employees
stage of the operation, because we know that the most innovative ideas and solutions come from our people.
that he came.
- We care about the confidentiality of private information we learn during our work. Confidentiality even if we leave the company
we do not violate their principles.
- We use our company's resources efficiently and act with the awareness of protecting its interests. Our Company
we refrain from any action that could cause harm.
- When we encounter problems or problems, we do not ignore them, even if they are outside our field, and we do not ignore solutions.
for the next two years.
- We do not take political action on behalf of our organization.
- We respect our employees' right to a healthy life. Healthy, clean working environments for them
we offer.
- We attach importance to the training of our employees, and we believe that the investment we make in them
are important for its future success.
- In addition to hard work, he also values celebrating success and creating a happy working environment,
we appreciate success.
- Our managers are committed to simplifying work and workflows, making them easy to understand and implement, and
They aim to increase the number of achievers.
- Our employees have job descriptions detailing their duties and responsibilities. Job description
who do not have a staff member.
- Our managers are experienced and competent in their fields, know the business and are open to learning new things
- We are physically involved in every stage of the work by getting up from our desks and we always help each other.
- Each employee nurtures his/her successor to ensure sustainable growth of our organization
and teaches him what he knows. The most important quality of our managers is the team that can take their place.
is to train friends.
- No husband and wife work in our company.

- We know that our supplier is our business partner and we believe that growth can be achieved together. Trade
we care about our relationship with them even when we are not doing it.
- We act with the awareness of our obligations and aim to remain as an important customer of our suppliers.
we aim for.
- We do not accept gifts from any company or person we do or will do business with.
- We are as sensitive to the confidentiality of our supplier's commercial information as we are to our own commercial information.

- Invest in a company that is valuable, respected by the community and whose priority is to provide quality service
we work to give you the satisfaction of having done it.
- Fulfill its obligations before the government, financial institutions and suppliers in a complete and timely manner
we act as a bringing company.
- We aim to deliver sustainable growth and profitability.

- We care about the efficient use of community resources and avoid waste.
- We ensure that our products and services do not cause negative environmental impact.
- We care and value human health. That's why our team is committed to ensuring that you are a non-smoker