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Code of Eth ics

Ebebek Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Ebebek's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics has been established to regulate our relations with our employees, parents, business partners and other stakeholders, to improve our service quality and to use our resources effectively and sustainably. Ebebek working principles and code of ethics are rules that serve to create a common corporate culture and that all our employees must comply with.

  • We are aware that our most valuable assets are our parents, our employees and our products.
  • We determine our product range by taking into account the needs and demands of our parents and offer a rich variety of products.
  • We need to keep an eye on our costs and expenses so that our parents can shop at affordable prices.
  • We try to understand the intense feelings of our parents towards their baby and respect their anxiety and anxiety during this process.
  • We listen carefully to our parents' feedback, learn from them about our shortcomings and provide quick solutions.
  • We continue to provide our parents with outstanding after-sales service.
  • We position our stores taking into account the easy accessibility for our parents.
  • Our organization is lean, simple and strong.
  • We base our decisions on realistic data. We value statistics and believe that we can only improve what we can measure.
  • We make use of the most up-to-date technologies to manage our organization in the healthiest way and make the right decisions on time.
  • ebebek is a continuous learning organization.
  • Making mistakes improves our experience. We learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them.
  • We work with a team spirit and care about providing fast and quality service.
  • We are involved in every stage of the work, we always help each other.
  • We also attach importance to celebrating success and creating a happy working environment.
  • We attach importance to the training of our employees and believe that the investment we make in them is important for the future success of our organization.
  • For our organization to achieve sustainable growth, each employee nurtures his/her successor and teaches him/her what he/she knows. The most important quality of our managers is to train teammates who can take their place.
  • Our managers aim to simplify jobs and workflows, make them easy to understand and implement, and increase the number of achievers.
  • Our employees have job descriptions detailing their duties and responsibilities.
  • We make all our important business processes into procedures and apply them within the same framework.

1. Honesty and Reliability

  • At ebebek, we never lie, act with sincerity and honesty while doing our job.

2. Fighting Bribery and Corruption

  • We firmly reject bribery and corruption. Bribery includes giving, offering or promising money or anything else of value to government officials, public officials, suppliers and supplier candidates, a third party who is directly or indirectly related to ebebek's business activities, in order to influence the decision to be made by these people, or an ebebek employee accepting money or anything else of value or a promise from these people.

3. Conflict of Interest

  • We avoid situations that may eliminate our impartiality in the decisions we will make due to our authorities and responsibilities at ebebek as much as possible, and in case we encounter situations where ebebek's interests and our own interests or the interests of our relatives may conflict, we inform our manager of the situation and move towards the decision that will give the best result for the benefit of ebebek.
  • In order to ensure that ebebek employees remain impartial in their work, we do not allow spouses to work at ebebek at the same time.

4. Compliance with Legislation

  • We act in accordance with human rights and the law while conducting our activities. In cases where we think that the legislation is not clear enough or that we are not sufficiently knowledgeable about the legislation while doing our job, we always resolve our hesitation and act in consultation with our manager or authorized authorities.

5. Relations with Competitors and Competition

  • We comply with the rules of fair competition and the laws and all other legal regulations governing it. We avoid behaviors that distort, prevent or restrict competition.
  • We care about every competitor, regardless of their size, and value their contribution to our industry. We refrain from making negative comments about our competitors.

6. Relationships with our parents

  • We are meticulous in choosing our products. We do not include products that we would not prefer for our own babies on our shelves and website.
  • We are not concerned with sales, but with informing parents.

7. Employee Relations and Organization

  • Everyone in our organization is valuable to us. We respect and love all individuals in our organization regardless of title and seniority, and we conduct our behavior within the framework of courtesy and grace.
  • We evaluate the performance of our employees objectively, taking into account their efforts, dedication and achievements. We take competence into account in recruitment, promotion and appointments and ensure equal opportunity among employees.
  • Everyone in our organization contributes and should contribute to our success. We include our employees in our decision-making processes because we believe that the most innovative ideas and solutions come from ebebek employees.
  • We respect our employees' right to a healthy life. We provide them with safe, healthy, clean working environments. In all our work areas, working conditions are provided in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation. ebebek employees communicate unsafe working conditions and additional measures to be taken to ensure occupational health and safety to their managers or the code of ethics whistleblowing channel.
  • We care and value human health. That is why our team consists of people who do not smoke in their private lives.

8. Relations with our Business Partners

  • We know that our suppliers are our business partners and we believe that growth can be achieved together. We care about our relationship with them even when we are not trading.
  • We evaluate suggestions and complaints from our business partners.
  • We value the confidentiality of our business partners' commercial information as much as we value the confidentiality of our own commercial information.
  • We take care to enter into business relations with people who comply with human rights and all areas of law, who apply the principles of anti-bribery and anti-corruption, and who prioritize worker health and safety.

9. Relations with our Shareholders

  • We strive to give our shareholders the satisfaction of having invested in a company that is valuable, respected by society and whose priority is to provide quality service.
  • We aim to deliver sustainable growth and profitability.

10. Environment and Sustainability

  • We ensure that our products and services do not have a negative impact on the environment.
  • We take an active role in raising awareness for a sustainable world; for this purpose, we contribute to sustainability through efficiency, recycling and reuse projects.
  • We use all our resources in a way that is fit for business purpose. It is the responsibility of all our employees to protect company resources, use them efficiently and avoid waste.

11. Confidentiality and Protection of Inside Information

  • We care about the confidentiality of all information we learn during or because of our business, and we use this information only to do our job. We do not violate the principles of confidentiality even if we leave the company.
  • We know that it is a criminal offense to benefit ourselves or someone else by making capital market transactions based on information that may affect the decisions of investors and that has not yet been disclosed to the public ("inside information") and we refrain from doing so. We take all necessary measures to protect inside information.
  • We ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data of our parents, employees and business partners and act in accordance with the legislation and company procedures that regulate how we will use this information.

12. Giving and Accepting Gifts, Hospitality

  • We act in accordance with our Gift Giving, Gift Acceptance and Hospitality Policy regarding gift giving and acceptance and hospitality.
  • We do not give or accept cash or cash-like gifts.
  • We do not accept offers of hospitality, participation in an event, membership, recruitment promises, etc. that are not related to our work, that are intended for ourselves or our relatives and that exceed reasonable value; we do not offer such offers and gifts to people with whom we have business relations, including public officials.
  • Our employees may only accept and give gifts that are in accordance with commercial practices, are of reasonable value, are not regular, and do not affect the decisions they will make within the scope of their duties.

13. Advertising, Media Relations and Social Media Use

  • We do not make misleading or deceptive advertisements or make false statements in our sales and marketing activities. Our advertisements and social media posts do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, language and race, and do not contain elements that humiliate individuals and/or contain violence.
  • We stand at an equal distance to media organizations and establish equal relations with them. We give honest and reliable information to the media.
  • We know that our employees' social media accounts are a part of their private lives, and we expect them to refrain from sharing posts on their social media accounts that may create the impression that they express opinions on behalf of ebebek.

14. Donations and Sponsorships

  • We make donations with a sense of social responsibility and sponsor events in line with ebebek's corporate culture. When making donation and sponsorship decisions, we prioritize issues such as supporting and protecting mothers, babies, children and people with disabilities; combating the consequences of natural disasters; ensuring equal opportunities in education; and protecting nature. We do not donate or sponsor political campaigns and events, nor do we engage in political action on behalf of our organization.

15. Raising Discrepancies and Suspicions

  • We encourage and support the raising of non-compliance or suspicions of non-compliance with the ebebek Code of Ethics. Even if it is outside our field, we do not turn a blind eye and take action to find a solution.
  • All our managers monitor whether their subordinates and business partners with whom they have a business relationship on behalf of the company act in accordance with the ebebek Code of Ethics.
  • All of our managers create an environment where employees who report to them can easily express their thoughts without fear of reprisal, and confirm with their statements and actions at every opportunity that business and behavior contrary to the code of ethics will never be tolerated.
  • Reports of ebebek code of ethics violations or suspected violations should be made via etik@ebebek.com, the code of ethics reporting channel.
  • It is the responsibility of the employee who detects the violation or suspected violation to immediately report the violation or suspected violation of the code of ethics to the code of ethics whistleblowing channel. Likewise, managers are also obliged to immediately forward all reports, including verbal reports, to the code of ethics whistleblowing channel.
  • If requested, the identity information of the person reporting to the code of ethics whistleblowing channel is kept confidential. The preliminary examination and, if necessary, the internal investigation to be initiated as a result of the denunciation shall be conducted in confidentiality.
  • The whistleblower shall respect the personal rights of the accused person.
  • Persons who deliberately make false and misleading reports will be subject to disciplinary action.

16. Ethics Committee

  • The Ethics Committee is authorized and responsible for evaluating and finalizing the reports and suspicions received through the ethics code whistleblowing channel or communicated through other methods. When deemed necessary, the Ethics Committee may decide to obtain consultancy services for the conduct of the internal investigation.
  • The Ethics Committee decides whether or not to initiate an internal investigation as a result of the report. If an internal investigation is initiated, the Ethics Committee conducts the internal investigation through the Internal Control, Risk Management and Internal Audit Directorate. It takes the necessary decisions after evaluating the investigation report to be prepared by the Directorate.
  • The Ethics Committee consists of the General Manager, Human Resources Director and Internal Control, Risk Management & Internal Audit Director. Depending on the size of the case subject to the investigation and the position of the person or persons subject to the allegation in the company, the Group CEO is also invited to the Ethics Committee.
  • The manager of the department to which the whistleblowing matter evaluated by the Ethics Committee is related may not participate in the Ethics Committee's decisions regarding the whistleblowing matter in order not to undermine the independence of the investigation.
  • The Ethics Committee takes all measures to ensure that whistleblowing is examined and investigated confidentially and that the rights of the accused person are not violated during the investigation of the allegations.

17. Whistleblowing and Internal Investigation

  • The Internal Control, Risk Management and Internal Audit Directorate responds to reports submitted through the Code of Ethics whistleblowing channel or other channels. The Directorate submits its preliminary report to the Ethics Committee, including its opinion on whether the report to be prepared as a result of the preliminary research to be conducted by the Directorate will be evaluated within the scope of the ebebek code of ethics and whether an internal investigation should be initiated.
  • If the Ethics Committee decides to initiate an internal investigation after reviewing the preliminary report of the Internal Control, Risk Management and Internal Audit Directorate, the internal investigation is conducted by the Internal Control, Risk Management and Internal Audit Directorate, and the relevant director is informed about the matter, unless otherwise decided by the Ethics Committee. In its decision to initiate an internal investigation, the Ethics Committee sets a reasonable deadline for the completion of the internal investigation report.
  • During the internal investigation, the Internal Control, Risk Management and Internal Audit Directorate is authorized to request information and documents related to the internal investigation from all departments of the company. The Directorate submits the internal investigation report to the Ethics Committee in writing.
  • The Ethics Committee reviews the internal investigation report; if it does not deem it necessary to ask the Internal Control, Risk Management and Internal Audit Directorate to expand the internal investigation, it completes the internal investigation by taking the necessary decisions, including the decisions to execute the disciplinary procedure, to file a complaint or denunciation to the Public Prosecutor's Office and to file a civil lawsuit.