ebebek Kurumsal


Our Business Concept

Our Business Concept

ebebek offers a wide range of services for mother and baby, from prenatal to 4 years of age. needs; quality products, friendly staff, high service standards, affordable prices, expert is a website and chain of stores that provides information and after-sales support 24 hours a day.

ebebek focuses on two sales channels:

Our Organization

Our Core Strategies

1 Our range of quality products is determined by our parents’ preferences and frequency of use.

2 We do not include products that we would not prefer for our own babies on our shelves and website.

3 We procure our products, which we determine according to the demands of our parents, from our supplier partners who have proven their continuity and reliability and who comply with our general philosophy and principles.

4 We make use of the most up-to-date technologies to manage our organization in the healthiest way and make the right decisions on time.