ebebek Kurumsal



Founded by Halil Erdoğmuş, a father of a new baby, based on his need for information on baby care, beb.com has been serving parents and prospective parents since 2001. ebebek set out to provide all kinds of information, services and friendship to conscious families who are thinking of having a baby, expecting a baby and raising their babies, and then developed ebebek.com to provide fast, practical and affordable products needed in baby care.

ebebek.com is Turkey's first online store for shopping baby products.

ebebek is an organization that strives to consider everything to the finest detail for the happiness of babies and families, with the awareness that the physical needs of the baby are not the only needs of families having a baby, and its philosophy is "babyology".
Infantology is the science of understanding and describing the baby.
This is why ebebek does not see its employees as salespeople and does not call them sales consultants or customer representatives.
He sees them as infantologists who share their expertise and interest.

A parent is a person who accompanies the development process and is interested in learning.