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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Shareholding and Management Structure

Ortağın Adı-Soyadı / Ticaret Unvanı Sermayedeki Payı (TL) Sermayedeki Payı (%) Oy Hakkı Oranı (%)
Ahmet Afif TOPBAŞ 26.409.567 26.409.567 16,51
Mahmud Muhammed TOPBAŞ 25.081.608 15,68 17,26
Musa TOPBAŞ 25.026.000 15,64 17,24
Halil ERDOĞMUŞ 17.298.737 10,81 11,87
Fatma Hande TOPBAŞ 9.369.022 5,86 6,49
Fatma Zehra ÜLKER 9.352.856 5,85 6,49
DİĞER 47.462.210 29,65 20,47
TOPLAM 160.000.000 100 100

The Company’s shares are represented by two separate groups of shares, Group A and Group B, each with an equal nominal value of TL 1. Group A shares provide the shareholder with voting privileges and the privilege to nominate candidates to the Board of Directors. Each Class A share entitles the holder to 5 votes, while Class B shares entitle the holder to 1 vote. In addition, in the organization of the Board of Directors, half of the members of the Board of Directors will be elected from among Group A shareholders or candidates nominated by them.

In the event that the number corresponding to half of the number of members of the Board of Directors does not correspond to a whole number, this number shall be rounded down to the next lower number and the resulting number of members shall be elected from among the Group A shareholders or the candidates to be nominated by them. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is elected among the members of the Board of Directors nominated by the Group A shareholders. Group B shares have no privileges.

Ortağın Adı-Soyadı / Ticaret Unvanı Sermayedeki Payı Para Birimi Sermayedeki Payı(%)
Ahmet Afif TOPBAŞ 26.409.567 TRY 16,51
Mahmud Muhammed TOPBAŞ 24.960.000 TRY 15,60
Musa TOPBAŞ 24.960.000 TRY 15,60
Halil ERDOĞMUŞ 17.181.730 TRY 10,74
Fatma Hande TOPBAŞ 9.352.856 TRY 5,85
Fatma Zehra ÜLKER 9.352.856 TRY 5,85
Kamal Antony HATOUM 5.012.845 TRY 3,13
Osman MOLLAALİOĞLU 1.323.389 TRY 0,83
Mustafa Latif TOPBAŞ 738.284 TRY 0,46
Tahir Uğur TEMİZER 668.380 TRY 0,42
Bedia Ebru IŞIN 40.093 TRY 0,03

Trade Registry Information

Kayıtlı Sermaye 205.000.000 TL
Ödenmiş Sermaye 160.000.000 TL
Ticaret Sicil Memurluğu İstanbul
Tescil Tarihi 01/06/2000
Ticaret Sicil Numarası 439123
Vergi No 3360554272
Vergi Dairesi İSTANBUL - Kozyatağı Vergi Dairesi Müdürlüğü
Mersis Numarası 0336055427200018